Injected by kkc

When he stuck a needle in that sunken vein
I was injected with chronic pains

Drops of his blood
Drops of my tears
Both fell to the hardwood floor

Dazed and dozing he was unware
But it was me who was fully alert

Money he took from our stash and
deposited holes in his skin

Disappering acts for days 
As I sat in the audience waiting
for his entrance or grand finale

Couldn't love together 
til his heart was doped

Day by day, routine was the same
and it was contingent on his high

I sat down in my chair very low
wondering when it would be the last

" Tomorrow I will toss out my needles,"
he said on every tomorrow that came
for nearly ten years

Yet he held on

Daily doses of liquid comfort
provided warmth and replaced affection

Adult man became a kid wanting his dad
Why couldn't papa want him?
Every poke in broken skin
created dots which could never connect

Now it was time
for me
to inject 

" It is my turn to give a puncture of reality to your soul. A baby is coming soon and I shall be going. Our child needs to grow up without witnessing your incessant vaccinations of medicines of unreality."

Silently he gathered his works
and threw them in the fireplace

No more highs, no more lows
This man existed somewhere in between

That rescue shot saved his life
and it was 240 high noons ago

Today, proud dad stands with his daughter
as she graduates from medical school

Father is dazed from her amazement
He is high on her hopes and dreams

She was the fix he needed

Kimberly Cunningham

Bio:  Kimberly Cunningham taught children in various settings for 32 years. However, writing always remained her passion. In 2017, she dusted off her journals, picked up a pen and started spilling ink. To date, she penned and self published three books , "Undefined,"  "Sprinkles on Top," and "Smooth Rough Edges." In addition, she has 24 pieces of published work in journals, anthologies and on line.  Kimberly has a BS Degree in Elementary Education and a MA Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Her lifelong belief is of the idea that each one should teach one.