(Photo of Arjun Dahal)



Romantic Lies


You are sweeter than this tea.

Ask these stars,

They shine for you--just for you.

Can you see the moon?

How radiantly it's reflecting your smile,


Even this chilly breeze,

Is blowing the fragrance,

Not of your shampoo,

But of your holy spirit,

Yet timid to caress you.

The rose faded long ago

As it can't compete with you.

Believe me Honey,

A monk never lies,

Because, you are sweeter than this tea.


Arjun Dahal


Bio:  Arjun Dahal is an undergrad student of Physics at Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. A talkative, crazy, funny, and fun-loving guy, his passion lies in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His writings have appeared/are forthcoming in Blue Marble Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, The Fable Online, Ann Arbor Review, The Recusant, and DWIT News. The links to his published Nepali poems can be found at arjundahal.blogspot.com