Into the Poetic Place of Being


From within the dreams where I go

I listen to hear

And see with eyes going deep

A place I touch to know

A burden of full consciousness

Filled all the way through

This circular vision

Into life all around

Visions of the sun raw

- the moon naked

Escaped from the snares and nets of nostalgia

Mine, a quest

Around hours and through gravity

Into the feel of time



Comes Time


Blue seams of the heavens severed

Rages of an eternal sea

And the stars' wild screams

Blazing through skies

Glaciers rolling through time

Boulders splintering terrains

Winds shouting storms

Winds humming tranquil verses of rain

The clay molded from dreams

Awakened to hungry souls with empty arms

And the hearts held in bone-stone loneness

From burning hearts came

Rings of fire that encircled man

And his daughters walking barefoot paths

Beneath the many faces

of the sun

After false springs and empty darkness

Came a flash of dawn

And a child who waited under the rain

Came a slow measure of the moon

Throats of song

Plumes of goddess clouds

Sprouting pistils of yearning

Came sunrise molded in delicate tracings

To warm a seaside holding

The thin sands of time

Came the arteries of a river

Clothed in mist

The larva of longing

That hung on to hope

Through bitter winters and precarious springs

Came comets and restless seraphim

Came the summer ferias we followed

To the crossroads

Of our dreams into tomorrow



Particles of Dance


Particles of dance we were

Weaving together hearts and time

Without shackling or commitments

Trailing twilight behind

Riders through the silence of night

We were without nets

Though we were tumbling outside our dimensions

Tambourine rhythms that carried us

Over mirror waters

Reflecting our infant souls riding

A front of dark forests

Humming, humming

Winds at our heels

Wings on our shoulders

Past stars falling into galaxies

Within the silence of night did we ride

Our flight from exile

Into the hundred lifetimes

Of life



Into the Crux of Night


Into the crux of night I fall

To nether lands of darkness

Where dreams reveal back to me

Me, as once I was

Fine as thread

glistening in blue fires

And opal shadows

Fine webs of glass

Glints sparkling with sunstrokes

And when the sun sinks,

Prisms of fire

Silent, with silver slivers

An incandescent spirit

Reflecting what was around me

Transparent; myths floating up

From glassy depths

To be recreated in poems and narratives

Born of fire

Blown into filigree

Penetrated by light

That shrillness did shatter

That thunder did splinter

Deep I fall, then deeper

Into the crux of night



Susan Dale