We were the best of friends.
He always stood by my side.
We would always compete.
Just a simple rivalry,
One where we were in each other's reach.

Then he began to grow.
He was more talented than me.
He left me behind.
Always in my sight,
But just out of reach.

The more I struggled,
the further ahead he became.
I was jealous of his talent.
Envied his improvement.

We were once toe to toe.
He would win, then I.
Those days were fun.
But those days were past.

This was the last year.
I had given up.
I thought I had accepted it.
Turns out I have not.

IÕll make a comeback this year.
This year is going to be my year.
IÕm tired of giving up.
This time IÕll be the victor.

This coming spring,
Is the last chance I have.
It might just be in vain,
But I might as well give it a shot.


© Patrick Dang


BIO: Patrick Dang learned to add before he could even fully speak. He loves puzzles, numbers, and anything logic related because it gets his brain working and allows him to zone into his own world. Anytime heÕs not crunching numbers or solving a puzzle heÕs out staring blankly as the clouds drift by.