Dark is the night

and eerie the land where I live in.

My feelings, my throb you do not hear


busy as you are drowned

in your own din.

I grow slowly but surely;


My growth does not trespass 

the boundaries that you set for me.

Would you, the boundless


love to be bound?

Can you mother, understand my pain?

I can barely move


I can barely talk

I want to express, let me please!

There is so much I wanna share;


Make me free mom, make me free.

Y ou promised that I shall be free

after nine months;


Nine times nine

eons have passed,

and now even eternity is bored


with boundaries.

Oh mother! Set me free!

Set me free please!





What would I have done if I were good?

Thank myself, I am not.

For goodness would make me better

and I would frown upon the good.

It would make me a cavalier

with a haughty responsibility of imposing good

by a force of smile,

where none cares.

It would be so boring 

just as good people are;

with limited confines

never trespassed, never adventured, never grown

beyond the invisible walls of self created morality.

So sweet are the seeds of true sin

So bitter are the fruits of false virtue!

I would rather be the Satan

enjoying my dreamy kingdom today

than be an angel serving 

the imaginary best for a better tomorrow;

for I would prefer living my own life imperfectly

rather than living another’s perfectly.

Oh! My good friends never tired,

always seeking to be inspired

and singing legends of the good;

Do me a favour if goodness could.


Write this on my epitaph

and let all the good laugh at that;

“Here, a life dreams a sleep disguised

from every name and label deprived

yet sang a song that was never revived

for the song was heard by ears 

that were ‘good’ and contrived.”





I have been your companion, 

ever since you saw the light of day.

As a child, you were scared of me

trying to run away from yourself;

and in trying to run, you fell

of course safely in my lap again.


You forever ignore me 

but your non acknowledgment of my existence does not pain me.

Privy to everything you ever do,

I am more humble than humility could be.

Lying prostrate on the ground, tied to your feet

I have been dragged meaninglessly for eons.


I am firm yet rooted to the ground,

I can never be shattered into pieces

unlike your undependable mirror.

Yet you love the mirror as it is more colorful

But do not ye forget 

that the mirror shows you your true colors 

your freckles, wrinkles, disheveled complexion and your ugliness.

I hide them to your convenience.


In the early dawn of your youth,

I am taller, larger and bigger than you

for I inspire you to grow larger than yourself.

In the zenith of your life,

I become puny because you would no longer need me.

I do not wish to burden you then with my loyalty.


In the final hour of dusk,

when the sun of your life bids you adieu,

I become taller, larger and bigger than you again

because I need to hold your trembling hand

for a safe sojourn beyond

to the dark unknown.


Yet you ignore me

because you were told that 

I am the king of good times

forsaking you in the dark.

It is not true.

If you can light a lamp

in your heart,

you could see the faithful

even in the dark.


© Shubhanjan Das


Bio:  Shubhanjan Das is an administrator by profession and an electronics and communication engineer by education. He lives in India and is into writing English poetry. His poem has been awarded in the All India Poetry Competition 2017 organised by Poetry Society (India) in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. He is on the verge of publishing his first book of poetry.