Not Alone Anymore

“How long do you think I will wait?” Frank yelled from outside the door.

“I’m preparing the entree!” Ted answered. His voice echoed throughout the quiet  atmosphere.

Ted rinsed off the utensils in the sink and quickly glanced at the fridge with a smirk on his face. His happiness faded to panic as the pounding on the door continued. It took five minutes before he opened the door.

“She’s at the altar right now. What are you doing here?¨ Frank declared standing in the doorway.

Ted collected his composure and calmly told his best man, "Look, this is important. Don’t rush me. Just wait on it.”

Frank rolled up his eyes, “Really? What are you making that’s so important, anyway?”

"It's a surprise! Just pass me the salt." Ted grinned with a simple expression of satisfaction.

"Fine. If it’ll hurry you up."

The uncomfortable silence that followed struck Frank as he witnessed Ted mixing the pot simmering on the stove. He had had enough of the awkward glances and couldn’t help but notice the appetizing smell.

Frank stared at the pot. “What’s that you’re making there?” 

“It’s some new game! Caught it yesterday.”

“You mind if I have some of that later on?”

Ted looked back up at Frank and said, "Not at all! In fact, you can have some once its done."

Frank put up his hand and gave his friend a high five, "That sounds fine by me!” he said cheerfully.

The two friends started to cook with one another and talked amongst themselves. Enthusiastically, Frank asked, "So you excited for today?” He quickly added, “Your fiance is a looker!"
            "She is! But yeah I'm excited.”

Frank focused his attention to his watch and then to the door, "We better start heading out soon then before she starts to worry."
            “Don’t worry about Amelia, I told her we might be a little late since I was going to prepare this entree," Ted stammered. “Besides, we need to share this delicious meat with everyone, don’t you think?”

“I guess you’ve got a point there.”

Twenty minutes passed and the food was ready. Ted served his friend a plate.

“Wow! Now this is something!”

“I’m glad it suits your appetite,” Ted rejoiced and walked back to the stove

Frank hesitated, “So you think I could have a drink with this?” He quietly got up from his seat and started to make way to the fridge.

Ted had his back turned to Frank as he was putting the rest of the meat in food containers.

"Yeah sure, that’s fine,” he paused. “I have some water, Sprite, and Rosa Regale.”

Ted slowly turned to face Frank and was met with his best man paralyzed in fear.

"I-is this your hunting?" he stammered.
            "You shouldn’t have opened it!” Ted’s voice wailed.


“It was a helpless thing anyway! I gave it a head start!”
            “Let go of me! Why are you laughing? You. Are. Crazy.”

Ted shoved him onto the floor. “I’m not crazy!”
            Frank laid dumbfounded after he witnessed the monster his friend had become. Once he gathered his composure, he approached Ted, cautiously, once more.

“But Ted, what you've done is not righ-”
            “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I swear!”
            “That doesn't matter! Look at what you’ve become, you're crazy.”
            “I’m not crazy! What I caught was fair and square!”
            “What you caught? You say it like it's some sort of game!”
            "Yes! Exactly! Game! They run and you chase!"
            "No, that is wr-"

“She was always gone, ok!” Ted replied in disgust


He continued, “I just wanted her to stay. I didn’t want to be alone!”

“I just. I at-” Frank grabbed his stomach and started to gag.

“No! No! It’s ok! She’s just as much a part of you as she is of me! That’s the beauty, you see, we’re forever connected to her now! I’m not alone. She can’t try and leave me anymore.”
            Frank couldn’t hold it in any longer, he leaned over and vomited all over the red and white patterned carpet.

“They will find out,” Frank said, unsteadily.
            “You’re the only one I invited,” Ted remarked. “But now you can stay with me too.”
            "This is wrong, Ted!"
            “Is it? I'll give you a head start.”

Ted locked his eyes onto his prey as a smile spread across his face.
            “No! Don't do-”
            “Too slow.”

Ted made his way to the sink, washed his hands and the pigtail flippers, but a sudden knock redirected his attention to the door before he was able to take care of the body.

“Hey Ted! I just wanted to make sure everything is alright, I heard a lot of yelling,” his neighbor said.

“Yeah everything’s fine, my friend vomited on my floor and I was outside at the time,” he responded nervously, cowering behind his front door.

“Oh really?” she said under her breath. “Need any medicine?”

“No, he’s fine. I have him sitting down sipping on some water,” he said quickly

“Come on, I insist,” she smiled at Ted.

“Alright, I’m sure he will appreciate it, thank you very much.”

            Ted quickly shut the door as soon as his neighbor walked away and rushed to clean up the mess he had made. However, he was unable to clean up the vomit and blood in time before the knocking inevitably arrived again.

“Here is the ibuprofen, it should help with his stomach pains and nausea,” she handed the pills to Ted.

“Once again, thank you very much!” He paused for a moment. “Come on in for a meal, it's the least I can do for your kindness.”

“Oh alright, thanks Ted!” She walked inside.

“No problem, make yourself at home,” Ted said excitingly.

© Jesus De La Cruz

Bio:  Jesus De La Cruz has a natural talent for software security, and early in his career, he trained people in the use of virtual operating systems. When his face is not consumed with blue light, he enjoys going out and collecting historical films. Currently, he is invested in building sets for plays.