Love Changes


Like a plain Jane not much special about you. 

Just another person for me to look through.

My heart pounds when you smile at me.

ItÕs not that I like you, IÕm just a little queasy.

Life is fine being alone like this, 

Free and away from all of loveÕs mess.

IÕm not the type to love someone, 

Only to break up in just a few months.

YouÕve made me laugh and made me cry,

I find myself waiting for your reply. 

My face hurts from smiling when I see your face.

Talking with you takes me far to outer space.

But I donÕt like you, itÕs just an illusion.

Please donÕt go jumping to conclusions.

The more time we spend with each other,

The more I see us getting older together.

Do you stand out? Not at all.

But you have a charm that makes others fall. 

Sweet like my favorite apple pie,

Something IÕve never told any other guy.

YouÕre as special as that comet passing by,

ItÕs almost as if that youÕre my type of guy. 

Our lives together fit like puzzle pieces,

Each day my love for you increases. 

I never want this friendship to end,

I think I want to be more than just a friend.



My life is a grain of sand, 

Seemingly unspecial to the naked eye.

Something not thought of at first glance,

Not until it slides into the spaces between your toes.

What is so special about a grain of sand?

There are millions identical to it in lifeÕs ocean.

Alone, it appears to be insignificant.

Alone, it appears to be meaningless. 

But even alone, it is part of something greater.

Each grain is a person part of a puzzle.

Many pieces coming together to form a beach,

Sand stretches its arms across the world to everyone in it. 

Similar to the different pieces of sand,

There are many different types of people.

As a whole they makeup the beautiful beaches,

And that beauty is what makes the world wonderful.

My Thoughts


Each day I have these thoughts, 

A different kind each time, changing like the wind. 

They show up whenever they please, 

Filling my mind with noise. 

A distraction from what my attention is on,

My head drops with the worldÕs weight of my thoughts. 

They'll always be on my mind.

My mind is a balloon floating over a field,

Guided by winds of thought around the world

To be following fateÕs thin string path.

Controlling my life around the clock,

I find it hard to stay on track.

ItÕs tough staying focused with so much static in my mind,

But I canÕt seem to turn down the volume. 

I wish it would just stop.

TheyÕll always be on my mind. 

But even if IÕm a slave to these thoughts that never leave,

IÕll be here. IÕll be okay, thereÕs nothing to fear. 

TheyÕll never come to an end,

ItÕs best I think of them as a friend. 

IÕve accepted them the way they are, 

Except now thoughts are something I adore.

TheyÕll always be on my mind.



© Eryn Delapaz