I Am Forgotten Memoirs

I am orange tangerines tipping over on the treetops
ready for the feeling of fall.

I am green grass waving in the wind,
being pulled away from Mother Earth.

I am a bubble popping in the air:
silent but destructive.

I am creaking doors that come
at the wrong time and create tension.

I am fresh jasmine
waiting to be showcased.

I am rotting fruit in the backyard sitting there for days,
attracting unwanted attention.

I am blood lingering in the mouth
after being sucker-punched in the jaw.

I am the crack and sizzle of scrambled eggs in the morning,
waiting to be complemented with toasted bread.

I am rough sandpaper 
rubbing against the wood to be painted on.

I am velcro 
that represent two sides of attachment.


Left Brain Thinking

Theories and knowledge
control the world with its laws,
always evolving.

Tools for the people,
enhancing and creating,
systematic craft.

Ingenious training,
discovering the issues,
and solving every one.

Every day counting,
building blocks of everything,
language of numbers.

The White Bench

The covered bench shines,
lamps light up the falling snow,
no oneÕs to be seen.

© Jamil Dellawar


BIO:  Jamil Dellawar knows what his rhythm is. Although he doesnÕt know how to play any instruments, he found his rhythm in taekwondo at the age of five and now teaches new taekwondo students how to find their own. Jamil also spends his free time experimenting with exploding Arduino coding projects and cooking up attempts at Afghan and Salvadoran meals.