Taken too soon

A smile of a thousand words.

A smile that could make you forget all the bad.

A heart that was always forgiving,

And arms always ready to hug.

A man that will never be forgotten.

A man that made a difference.

A gentle man; Taken too soon.



Faking it

IÕm looking in through the glass,

The glass that is not actually there.

Yet there is something stopping me.

People are all around me,

And yet IÕm nowhere to be seen.

I canÕt imagine being on the other side of the glass,

Smiling. Laughing like I belong somewhere.

Maybe someday the places will be switched.

Would I then be happy?

Would I be faking it?

Are those on the other side faking it now?

I donÕt think anyoneÕs truly happy;

ItÕs all fake smiles and laughs.


Time Freezes

I am in your arms, just like every day.

The difference is;

YouÕre frozen in time,

With your leg bent, arm around my stomach.

YouÕve looking at the TV with a smirk;

The smirk that I fell in love with.

Your eyes are zoned on the TV,

Like itÕs the best movie youÕve ever seen.

I can feel the warmth of your body

Pressed against me like you donÕt want to lose me.

I have never felt a love like this before;

Gentle and innocent — just like your touch.

And here I am thinking:

I never want to leave your arms.

I never want to know a day without you.

© Marygrace Depp