Mother's Poem


Some say mothers are angels

I disagree

Some say mothers are sent from heaven it

To care for you and me


Mothers are greater than that

For they feel our pain

Mothers are not fearful

Of their children's gain


With love and kindness

They raise us to be

Stronger than the wind

That sweeps upon the sea


With their own bodies, they create

Children that grow

Within their hearts there is love

That only a mother will know


For when their body dies

and ceases to go on

Their love still exists

From this life to beyond




Lonely Stay 


She left her mark 

Even in the secret of her mindŐs eye

If you see her make her leave not 

Least you see her cry


Stay with her tonight

Loneliness marks her eyes

Broken glass she heard crack

Her smile a simple disguise


Should she be held  

And told of loveŐs lore?

Her mark still left

Just to be noticed once more




Heart of Fear


I fear knowledge that may

Or may not exist

I fear myself,

My own human self.

Not the body 

But the mindŐs inner workings.


I fear not a person,

That single face in the crowd.

I do fear people though

Fighting with their own golden crowns.


The common fears that 

Slither in the night I fear not.

Loss of innocence and self

Now that I fear a lot.


Even Death, yes, the Reaper himself

Does not make me lose rest upon night.

Though leave mankind to its own devices 

And I rest not in moonlight.


© Kenneth Dick