Kenneth Dick

(Photo of Kenneth Dick)



What Would You Do


You see the hungry bum in the street.

What would you do

If he asked for something to eat

Would you walk on by?

As you look him in the eye

You see the leaders are blind and fake.

What would you do?

Be like the government and add to the hate?

Money and wealth, you have acquired

What would you do when your time has expired?

When the Lord asks...

Why he should let you in his gate?

What would you do

When you find out itŐs too late?




From Greed to God


A man walking alone in the morn

A man lonely and worn


His tattered old boots crunch the new snow

His sad eyes looking for a place to go


The wind blows its icy symphony 

The man homeless as it is meant to be 


He had money and wealth, oh he had it all

And yet to him it felt so small


He needed more, he needed God's light

To Christ's arms he took flight


He gave up his stature to walk with the poor

Worldly possessions he desires no more


You may ask where it all went

To feed and clothe is where it was sent


God touched this man's heart to give

To do his small part for a hungry child to live


He knows his soul turned from greed and hate

He tells people his story before it is too late


No longer judge the old man on the street

Now a changed man with old boots on his feet 


No More

Police making people bleed

Politicians elected on greed


Can the country really be this black?

God this government does so lack


Encounter a badge and you see blood

In this empire evil does flood


Tears flow from the dead manŐs eyes

The leaders only tell us more lies


Money and corruption starts these fights

More will die for these God given rights


The man with the shield no longer defends

Justice they serve? No, he only pretends!


© Kenneth Dick