My angel of the internet,

she lives among the wires,

I endeavor to move as close to her as I can get,

I type the key pad for hours.


She embraces my each and every word,

rejecting not what I have to say,

my soul pours out unto her,

pure passion among the wires is where my heart lays.


I long to be in her company,

I wish to hold back not,

her enchanting beauty is all that I can see,

unbridled passion burns white hot.


The spark inside her eye revealed the soul passion,

unbridled it leads to a bond between two hearts,

inviting waves of emotion that never cease in it happening,

a first twinkle is where it all starts.


Few among mortals of this present day,

are aware that the soul can transcend all barriers,

no force on earth can never stand in their way

when angels are two hearts great carriers.


When two souls reach out and touch,

and the compulsion bears no forbearance,

then the euphoria may never be felt as much

as when two hearts are twain and one another cherish.


Words spoken that touch the heart

are all that any soul needs,

the motion put forth that is intended to impart,

every feeling that the body the mind reads.


My dear angel of the internet,

I know not where they presence lies,

while I can't be in thy company yet,

we still possess a spirit that binds.


Please never forget me my love,

I only desire thy company for an eternity,

my soul floats beside you like a dove,

I shall never leave you.


Where does thou stand now my beauty,

in what direction flows your love,

what measure can be a gratuity

for you presence my precious dove.

This Cup O' Mine


Cup O plenty,

this cup O' mine,

for that you hold

my body pines.

When I am weary,

sulk and dreary,

this vice that you hold

renders me lively

and sometimes bold.



When I need confidence,

class and persistence,

this right hand O' mine,

thy handle shall attend.



When the sun rises

ye always greet the day,

pick me up

and send me on my way.



With the blanket of night....,

I feel the call of the moon..,

I grasp thy handle

and my spoon.

From that bottle

I will pour the blush wine,

when I tip you,

you'll always do just fine.




The Truth About It


No more leeches, no more pain,

no more reasons to explain.

The way it all was, is the way that it shall stand to exist,

no more reasons to resist.



The pain is too much, the loss to great,

no more justification to debate.

The time has come, since the hurt is still here,

this bloody torture will never disappear.



They told me don't, but I just can't deny

that the pain still hurts until I cry.

I tried their false purloining cures, I took their poisoned pills,

but they could never cure my wretched ills.



My fingers can't bend, my legs can't walk,

but this hell that I am living is nobody's fault.

My feet were born crippled, but my situation was their disciple.

The conquest that was so near, was so inviting.



I went to their false schools, I sang their lying songs,

but I never did find my place to belong.

The day has come, this deed weighs heavily upon me that I must do,

so don't anyone dare walk around feeling so blue.



This time for all draws ever so near,

but I can tell ye people, that there is no reason to fear.

Some say you will, some say you wont,

but I say that their own looming future shall be their eternal taunt.




Whine Of The Old Chicago Number Nine


Well the night is so lonely

and dreary,

with the tune of the whippoorwill..,

oh...., an' I keep thinkin' 'bout you...

all the live long day....



But the hearth fire still burns hot,

an' the meat is cookin' in the roastin' pot,

but it's just not same without us two....

Oh....,an' I keep on thinkin' 'bout you...,

all the live long day....



Well today I rode out to the local tavern,

just to see what the crew was havin'....,

and I just could not stop thinkin' 'bout you...,

all the live long day....



And the smiles on the many faces

seemed sagging,

the crew were all talkin' loudly,

but I didn't feel like doin' much bragging.



I just preferred to sit all alone

an' get right,

cause you are not here with me tonight....,

and I could not stop thinking 'bout you....

all the live long way....



Oh..,in my mind your smile is so sweet an' pretty,

oh darlin' how I just want you here near me...



I just don't know what else to say.....



And we've all been tryin' to do fine,

ever since you rode away on the

old Chicago number nine....



...and I've been a thinkin' 'bout you,

ever since you left last May..' little Katie still asks all about you,

she's growin' into a fine young lady...

She looks so forward to seein' you...

every single day....' when ya gonna come home again,

my honey?

Since ya ran off your joke

is no longer funny....

We're all gonna grow old an' turn gray...



Our poor hearts just keep on a cryin',

we all just feel like simply dying...

Forever is too much for us to take..



Gosh.., your picture sure looks might lovely..

My honey,

I just can't stop thinking of ya...

I've been this way since way back in

last May...



All that I can seem to do

is just hang my poor head and pine,

ever time that I hear that lonesome whine

of the old Chicago number nine...


forever is much too long for us to fake....


Lynn Dowless