A Future With Her 


It’s still several years away,

but the portrait is already painted--

her walking down the aisle,

us repeating our vows,

the way she says “I do.”


Strolls through the park

and dips at the beach.

Naps under the tree

and bike rides across state.

With her, life could be a peach.


Only she can make my heart do flips

with the gentle touch of those lips.

Her soft, soothing voice

can put me at ease.                   


There’s no room for error;

no time to waste.

So close, yet so far.

I cannot slip,

or she’ll be out of my grip.


Because I wish for nothing more

than a future with her. 


© Long Duong


Bio: Long Duong has a strong passion for Chick-Fil-A. Long enjoys going mini-golfing with his friends, although his competitive side sometimes gets the best of him. When he is not with his friends, walk during a brisk night to be the most peaceful.