The Days

Playing MarioÕs Party on a 27 inch

Chasing after boys on the playground with Chi Chi Shaquille and Star

Going to the store buying flaming hots and Oatmeal Cream pies  

Screaming over Lil Bow Wow and B2k Harlem shaking and dancing in my momÕs mirror to 106 & Park

Bickering with my brother playing school with my sister getting scolded by my mother

Gazing at Angel before school, my first grade true love  

Rocking my micro braids and reading Harry Potter

Shopping with granny putting anything in the cart wanting for nothing

Boy those were the days


Poetry in Motion

Arms and hands extending from left to right

I can feel the fire through my fingertips

Hips swaying side to side

Head of a lion

Strong and proud

My entire body following the beat, following the rhythm, flowing with the routine

My bodyÕs the owner of this picture of love

Tired as I feel the rush of adrenaline singing in my veins, harmony with the music

IÕm a dancer unleashing unspoken words and unfelt pain

Capturing gladness only a guard of oneÕs heart can provide


© Demetria Dyer