Deep End  Dwellers  Not Surface Skimmers 


Two ways of a looking over a narrative...

Deep End Reasoning  or Surface skimming of facts -

Think of a swimming pool

Some leaves rise on the top of the water...

Scoop the leaves they fall down quickly;

Leaves in a net some at bottom of the pool-

Interpret things on the surface they appear concrete

But looking at things Face value has its own consequences.


Different conclusion when  ascending to bottom of pool;

Sinking information reveals diversified truths

Causes more holes in stories reasonable doubts!


Take the time examine both sides of argument.

Or engage in confirmation bias...



Verdict rendered permeates a shallow or deep read insight.


Recite your perception;


A human being's possible  livelihood is on the line.

Best to Take your time or decide on the spur of the moment

If your conscience allows....


Bob Eager


Bio:  Bob Eager is looking forward to publishing his first book Darkside Relapsing. He  hangs out in the Old Town Artistic District gazing at the multitude of Scottsdale Galleries.  Bob  has been published in New Beatnik, Chronogram, Tuck Magazine, Stray Branch, Vision With Voices,  and Oddball Magazine. He recites poetry on a video channel called Charisma Corner.