holding us like babies

teaching us the kindergarten alphabet

four years will be over

everything will be fine

building on an empty land,

hypocrites will emerge

on the high-hill of calamity

blabbing every four years of grace

watering the solid land with honey,

all will be fine

false hope is everything

i wish,i wish

the lay-man

dreaming to walk again.




We have gone so far

we are not kids anymore

sucking the milk from the breast,

let's face the things

before us in this land,

no-one knows

how this four years will look,

everyone's wish is to live a better life

not a life of confusion

where to be or where to move,

we live not for the leaders

who have no wings to fly

slowing us down

when we need to fly,

this is the land we fought for,

this is our land, not for racism

but to live in peace and unity.


Gabriel Eziorobo


Bio:  Gabriel Eziorobo is from Nigeria.  He started writing when he read a love poem titled, "So I Thought." He loves to write because he can express himself this way more than through speaking.