I been staring at this clock for hours just reminiscing about how the women I used to date were gold diggers. It was frustrating not being able to find a girl who would actually like me for me, but a month ago, that all changed.
            In mid December, I was at a bar just trying to get over a recent heartbreak and to my left, a gypsy sat next to me. “Let me buy you a drink, you look hopeless.” she offered.

            “Oh, thanks, I guess.”
            “Tell me sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
            “Well...all these damn women I go out with, just want my money.”
            “Don’t worry, you’ll find her.”

There was a long pause as she turned away for a second, I just stared blankly at myself in a mirror on the wall, and suddenly she said,”Drink up.”

I didn’t even look at the drink, but as I took a big gulp, I felt my throat burn but suddenly, I felt like I was changing. I looked back at the mirror and my long blonde hair started to turn into a dark brown, and thick like a lion’s mane. My nose became like a dogs, my skin turned into fur and my teeth became sharp. “What the hell did you do to me?!” I angrily questioned the gypsy.

“No woman wants you for who you are, until you find woman who does, you will be a beast.” She pulled out a bright glowing rose in a glass case. “If you find a woman before the last petal drops, then you will turn back to normal.” She handed me the glass case and walked out the bar. I was so upset and angry that I wanted to kill her. I ran outside to find her, but she was gone. I started to run, feeling snow on my feet, I looked down seeing I had sharp nails on both my feet and hands. I ran all the way home, trying to stay as hidden as possible.

“Sir! Where’ve you been?!” Lumiear worriedly asked.

He looked at me in shock. He didn’t know what to say, so I explained to him what happened. Suddenly, Lumiear turned into a candle. I was so confused, but I figured, whoever lived with me turned into something.

As time passed, the rose petals kept dropping. Before I knew it, I November was right around the corner. One evening, as I was looking through my window, I saw a short, white old man going through the front garden with my rose. I panicked and started to chase him down. As he started to run away, he tripped over one of the tree trunks’ roots in the forest. “Why are you taking my rose?!” I angrily asked.
            “I just wanted to give it to my daughter!” the old man said in horror.
            “Return my rose! You will become my prisoner!”
            “No! Please! I’ll do anything!”
            “Let my father go!” A voice yelled. I looked up and a beautiful girl appeared.
            “Take me instead!”
            I threw the old man aside and grabbed the girl by the hair, went inside the house and slammed the door. “What’s your name?!” I asked.

“Well, it’s your lucky day Belle, because you’re going to marry me!”
            “No! Are you crazy?!”
            “Lumiear! Take her to the cell and let her rot!”
            “Yes, sir.” Lumiear said sadly. A few minutes later, Lumiear came back looking a little upset.
            “Lumiear, what’s wrong?” I curiously asked.
            “Sir, she can be the one.”
            “No, I don’t believe it. She didn’t even accept my proposal!”
            “Sir, you can’t just ask a random woman to marry you. It takes time,”
            “I don’t care! Just leave me alone! I don’t have time for this!” I yelled as I stormed upstairs.
            Everyday, for one week, I proposed to Belle, hoping she would say yes. When I stopped proposing, she seemed more comfortable. We would hang out around the house, and have simple yet fun conversations. Every afternoon we would feed the birds in the front yard and when we ate dinner, she would teach me manners at the table. It was all fun and games until I realized there were two days left until the last petal fell.
            “Sir, there’s only one petal left...” Lumiear sadly said.
            “I know, Lumiear. I think I’m finally going to re-propose.” I worriedly replied.
            “I think she’s going to say yes!”
            “I hope so.”
            As I walked downstairs to see Belle, I saw her crying on her knees looking into my glass ball.
            “Belle! What happened?”
            “My father is sick! I need to help him!”
            “Fine, you have one day.”
            “Thank you so, so much!” Belle said as she hurried out the door.
            “Sir?” Lumiear asked in shock.
            “I know Lumiear, but I had to.”
            “Well, I love her and I want her to be happy.”
            Since then, I’ve been sitting here patiently.



© DeShields Fajardo