The Real Glow Up


Living life as happy as can be

looking back I was only three.

Always outside feeling the warm summer breeze,

not worrying about what people think

or of the insecurities that had come to me.


We were the same,

you and I, but why did I think so differently.

I wore what pleased people, but I didnÕt do it for me.


Taking pictures and saying cheese,

looking at the camera, donÕt show my fat, please. 

Wondering why God did this to me,

why he gave me extra-large tees.


Working out and dieting that was the solution, right?

So I did, I did what I was told.

I did what I had to do, I thought.


My whole body became slim.

What used to be three came to one chin,

but the pressure of wanting to be this perfect

version of myself was still weighing me down.


I took a moment to look back.

Where did it all go wrong?

But I realized I needed to just stop.

Stop tearing myself down.

Stop worrying about what others think.

Stop searching for reasons why IÕm not good enough.

And start enjoying who I am.




The Wrestler


Big buff men wrestle.

They beat each other up for a medal.

They are strong and athletic. Their matches are hectic.

There is no question of ability for they are the definition of masculinity. 


Normal nice girls are successful.

They do everything at a high level.

They are smart and kind and always refined.

Everything they do, they do it on time.


But this girl, Kaycee,

Kaycee Anne Fitero is not considered narrow.

She opens her eyes and sees a prize.

Awarded to her, but with criticism.

She is different from the rest, some are not impressed,

but she is just a girl who is trying her best. 


She sees the struggle and continues to hustle.

She has what it takes, donÕt make any mistakes.

She loves herself and that's all it takes to defeat the hate. 


© Kaycee Anne Fitero


BIO: Kaycee Fitero was dragged into the sport of wrestling by her brother and yet she canÕt get enough of it. Even though she comes from a Filipino background she had to give up eating rice to maintain her weight. She may be 5Õ4ÕÕ, but she is always the tallest person when standing on the first place podium.