I have an ugly friend

Who scares me once in a while

On the outside he's quite happy

Enthusiastic with a smile


He's filled with positive thoughts

And will give the shirt off his back

Hard working and steadfast

Of ambition he does not lack


But at his core is someone else

A stranger I don't like

Filled with shadows n darkness

Depression n negativity alike


Build a mountain I've seen him do

Unstoppable in his pursuit

Fearless to take on any task

Boundless energy absolute


Goals mapped out years to come

No problem stands in his way

Sacrifice is his middle name

Success regardless the price to pay


But on the other side

When things get too hard to bear

Don't recognize this gentleman

As he's filled with such despair


Doesn't happen very often

Maybe every once in a while

This man filled with optimism

Becomes extremely vile


A man depressed beyond belief

Crippled by its clutch

Paralyzed without recourse

Immobilized by such


Self-doubt and fear takes their grip

Worthless and in chains

He falls to all carnal sins

Coping with all the deep pains


There are great scars and wounds 

That most people'll never know

Don't know how this great man

Is reduced to such lowly woe


How can one so strong and true

Digress to this degree

I search endlessly for an answer

You see, this friend, is me


Woody Fran


Bio:  Woody is from New Jersey.  Visit his website at:  theneverendingstory.net