Energizer Child


I'm 14, that means you're getting old.

Don't tell me what to do.

Constantly texting me,

With the same questions.


Where are you?

What are you doing?

Who are you with?

When are you coming home?


Do you want me to wear a tracking device?

I'm old enough to know what is right and wrong.

Keep nagging me Mom and I'll nag back.

No, I won't appreciate this when I'm older.


Biology time. I'll watch ESPN.

You do the work for me.

A test is coming up and I don't understand

A word you are saying. Dumb it down for me please.


Yes, I took a nap today. 

Right after practice when

I hopped in the car

And flipped at you for being late.


Is my homework done, Mom?

I'll text you during the test

For answers.

Don't text me how your day's going.


You thought you had it bad when I was two.

You've been chasing me your whole life

I've always been full of energy,

Mom, since you brought me home and I peed on you.


Ah, time to play.

I'll try to fight with all my brothers

And sisters too.  Swing a fist

Like a kid fending off a bully. I got a lucky shot.


Whoops, they're coming after me.

Save me, Mom, like always.

I'll hide behind you and cuddle up,

A hug for you and smirk for them.


Don't start to lecture me on my mouth.

If I want to fight, I should fight you?

Okay, I'll beat you, Mom. I can take you, though

I look like I'm ten.


Of course, I eat right, Mom. Don't bring up my size.

I just haven't hit puberty yet.

And it's not because of the constant sports.

Cupcakes aren't junk food.


What is the answer again?


Come on, Mom, you're blowing the game.

We're gonna fail the test if you don't hurry to teach me.


Time for basketball and soccer too

Throughout the house, then I'll wrestle you

No, I didn't tackle my sister.       

You're crazy, Mom.


Time for bed.

Mom, will you cuddle with me?

You know I love you, you're my girl

Dad can sleep alone.


You say I'm affectionate.

Only to you, babe.

What would I do without you, Mom?

I told you I'd kill myself.


You can sniff me all you want

When I get home

I didn't do drugs or drink, Mom

I wouldn't do that to you.


When I get taller, can we still hug?

My kids are going to be spoiled like I am

Because you gave me random hugs and kisses.

You told me I come first, forget Dad.


Wake me up early tomorrow.

I need to shower and start again.

The next part of the test is second block.

Keep your cell phone on.


That was close. The teacher almost caught us,

He was right behind me.

I know what we can do.

We'll take AP next year.



© Jessica Furia