Consecutive Losses

“This could be that moment!” Brad declared, appearing close to winning after losing a consecutive amount of times to Mike in several games of Super Smash Bros.

            “What was that Brad?” Mike bantered, “You think you’re gonna win this?” The match had gone on long enough to the point where any strong hit from either character that they were, would knock one of them out.

            “Bah! Freaking Cloud is so hard to KO!” argued Brad.

“He can be wide open if you know when to attack,” asserted Mike. “Also, stop being so loud. There are other people at this park, you know.”

Brad muttered, “I swear, I’m gonna kick that character’s crap once I . . . .”  Brad getting  lost in what he was thinking for a moment was what caused him to lose once again after being struck by a strong attack from Mike.

“Augh, well ain’t that a . . . . Can’t ya pick someone that’s not gonna KO me in less than a minute!?” Brad raged, peeved at another loss.

“I can still win with whomever I’m good at using,” Mike boasted.

“Is there anyone that you can play that isn’t some insta-win button?” Brad asked.

“I’ll use Lucas if you want me to,” informed Mike. “He’s not as good as Cloud is.”

“Fine. I gotta have this in the bag this time.”

“Probably. Who you choose also matters.”

“Alright, let’s go,” smoldered Brad as he chose his most favorite character Roy. Mike chose Lucas like he said he would. Like the last time, they used two lives with a 6-minute time limit.

Another match starts, and Brad actually managed to get a lead on Mike by taking him out early.  Sadly, not long after, Brad gets too greedy trying to take out Mike early a second time to win, and ends up falling off himself.

“Oh HOGWASH! I even had a lead!” Brad complained.

“You shouldn’t try to get that eager for a kill, you know,” Mike advised.

“Whatever, No way I can mess this up now,” groaned Brad.

Both managed to push each other’s characters to their breaking point, but once again, Mike managed to take the game again using one of Lucas’ most optimal moves in the game.

“Ugh . . . why does that KO everybody so early!? I had that, and it all blew up,” mused Brad.  

“It's alright, you can get it next time,” comforted Mike.

However, Brad’s emotions began to pour out through anger. He started gripping his 3DS so hard his hands began to shake.

“Ugh . . . . Shut your trap, Mike!” blurted Brad.

            “Whoa, okay?”

            “No, I don’t wanna anymore! I tried to keep myself tight about this all this time, but it's just not helping me one bit!” roared Brad. “All these losses left 'nd right is just driving me up a wall here!”

            Park goers started to stare with disturbed expressions and hastily walked away from what was happening.

            “Well, uh, I’m sorry that I kept on winning, man,” replied Mike

            “There! Ya said it! No matter who I use, you’re the one that beats my character into next year!” ranted Brad.

“You need me to give you a handicap?” noted Mike.

“No, I don’t!” shouted Brad. “I don’t like feeling or thinking about being the weaker friend constantly getting my butt handed to me, ya dingus!”

“Well, what do you want me to do, Bradley?” asked Mike. “If I can’t give you handicaps, or use other characters against you then what can I do!?”

“Well you know what?!” replied Brad, getting up and putting his game system down. “How about this!?”

Brad got up, and hit Mike on the shoulder with his fist.

“H-hey, what was that for!?”

“Ain’t so funny now being the one actually beat up, HUH!?” Brad gloated angrily, kicking Mike hard on that last word.

“Hey . . . STOP!” Mike exclaimed, tripping Brad down with his legs, though now Brad was right next to him as a result, and started trying to punch him while pinning him down.

“C’mon, how’s this, and this, and this!? Huh!?” Brad raged as he continued to try attacking.

“S-stop! Get off me! This is too much!” Mike yelped. He then managed to roll to the side and push Brad away from him. While it worked, both of them completely forgot that the bench they were sitting down on was near the pond’s lake, and Brad fell in it.

“Oh my god!” Mike blurted out, realizing what the fight just lead to. Brad re-surfaced from the lake not long after. He was dripping wet.

“Um...are you okay?” Mike asked Brad, Mike braced himself expecting him to be madder than before.

“Yeah . . . and you know what? That really wasn’t worth anything. I’m sorry for trying to beat you to a pulp over a damn video game,” Brad apologized, much to Mike’s surprise.

“Well . . . I’m sorry too for letting this escalate, but I just wanna ask why did you go that far? It could have been much worse!” Mike pointed out.

“. . . I just don’t like losing, but after what just happened, I think I really shouldn’t have done all that,” Brad admitted. “I even almost hurt you badly, and that’s what really slaps me right down to the bone. Again, I’m really sorry about that.” He sat back down.

“Hey, I added it to it as well even if I just kicked and threw you in the water, so I’m sorry about that too. At least we didn’t get too hurt over this,” added Mike.

“You got a point there,” Brad affirmed.

“No hard feelings?” Mike urged.

“Yeah, no hard feelings.”

“Alright, that’s good. I think we should wrap up for the day. You really could use a shower after that. Don’t worry, I’ll see if I can make it up to you,” Mike said.

“Thanks, buddy,” Brad said.

They both began to leave the park, going their separate ways.

© Casey Garcia

Bio:  Casey Garcia is someone who always has wheels turning in his head. He’s got many possibilities in his mind and wants to fill them all. However, he reminds himself that there’s a time and place for everything. He’s also passionate about his hobbies, video games and computers, and what’s behind them.