Blancmange and Junket


Blancmange and junket, creamed rice and custard

Christ will someone give a man a steak

but I have no teeth my meals delivered

By people in white clothes, strangers who address me by my Christian name

I buried my wife and my children just vanished

I donŐt even know where I live

I share a room with strangers we all weep into the night

We know we shall die,  unloved and unmourned

The young men of long ago only dwell in diminishing memory                                                                                

as she looked my way all those years ago.

My greatest fear is I shall forget her smile, her sound

We made love, children, life

Where did it all go. Where did it all go.


Either Side of Ecstasy


My heart is whispering your name on the evening winds

My mouth forever sealed by your kisses sweet,   so tender

My arms are longing to break the ache of your absence

With an embrace that shall capture time and motion

For I seek the still moments when breath is all and you are mine

It is the small intimacies that bind us either side of our ecstasy.


Game of Throes    


The dimples on my lower back, press the heels of your palms inside.

Splay your fingers round to the front and grip my hips on either side

Tilt and angle me just so for your pleasure is my own and amidst the throes

Of passion spent the seeds of love are sown.


Lie to Me


I only want the sweetest of your nothings

The most intoxicating lies and endearments

Then from me you must steal my heart

Tis then I shall dwell inside you, I shall be home.




Before the book of time was penned I was going to be yours

Then eons passed and ships were sailed to exotic foreign shores

Then finally the time began and my hand you took to hold

My body now tucked next to yours,  your mighty arms enfold

DonŐt let me go, donŐt break my heart, for I am ever yours

Just love my all,  yes quite complete, and dwell inside my soul

Can you feel my love? exposed and raw, even Eros fears my power

I love you so my tender reed and with kisses I will shower

And time will pass and we shall fade to memory and to time

But nothing will erase the day, the day you became mine.


© Sher Gillard


Bio:  Sher Gillard lives in Australia. She has been penning work for about 4 years and is addicted to writing. She writes poetry in several genres from love to erotic. She has been published by Rolling Thunder Press and Little Raven Press.