Three Love Poems by Jerry Gordon

I looked into her eyes
as deep as to the window
into my own heart
I saw fear. I said, "We cannot know
the future, but for now
you can trust me."


Thus This

On this train
with this man holding his case
and this roar rumble
through this dark tunnel
and the universe
coming together thus,
I lean out
and kiss your head
to participate in the perfection
like this.


She leaves the edge of the edge
and lifts up,
her body moving beyond
the leap clean
full, of the clouds
veiling the distance to travel
and the point of landing for how else
would it be a leap of faith? All eyes are on her.
We watch with envy.
We watch to learn.
We cheer,
for she is free so sweetly
wrapped in risk.

© Jerry Gordon. Jerry Gordon rides trains in Osaka, Japan. His CD, Fully Formed Failure, is available from Aphasia Press: You can also visit his blog at: