Add and Multiply, then Subtract, and Divide.


I had a mad and a bad day,

And a tad sad life,

I knew I was missing something,

I needed to add you to my life,

You solved my last equation,

My heart was glad and rad,

You and I were one forever.


We multiplied, glorified, and stabilized,

Our love immortalized deep within our hearts,

I was electrified by your essence,

My euphoria magnified with you in my life,

You purified me through and though,

We produced gifts for humankind,

Our six beautiful sacred children.


Suddenly you subtracted your love from me,

Retracted my children from my house

You claimed having a deaf father and a husband,

Had impacted your life negatively,

You were filled with doubt and regret,

And desired a man who could hear you in bed,

You intended to subtract yourself from my life,

I did not object.


But my heart was divided in two,

My mind was misguided and defeated,

My soul was depleted,

If my deafness stood in your way of fulfillment,

Then do divide me from your heart,

I let you go because I love you,

You deserve a man who can hear your sweet voice,

Can hear the children cry for help,

We separated and divided,

You never ever heard, saw, or knew of my whereabouts.


David Grigorian


Bio:  "I graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in December of 2010. I attained a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration specializing in children's books and story telling. I took illustration, painting, and sculpture classes. My paintings and sculptures tend to be inspired by my imagination, ancient cultures such as Egypt and the Mayans, this world, and outer space. I love to work with my hands, clay, wood, some metals, mirrors, and found objects. I have used power tools such as power drills, table saws, and sanders. I have dozens of clay sculptures for both indoors and outdoors. My goal is to build bigger and more durable sculptures. My sculptures and paintings have been displayed in numerous local group and solo shows. My drawings have been in The Smithsonian in Washington, DC. My art and stories have been published in local newspapers and in a magazine."