Fallen Petals


Beyond the picket fence lie wistful dreams of bygone days

            Where petunias danced

            And daffodils pranced

When hours of toil turned to vistas of pleasure

Before knees no longer bent and fingers no longer gripped

Behind a tangle of rye grass

Hidden in a turmoil of dandelions

            Petunias are cursed

            But daffodils still burst

Beyond the picket fence where the dream stayed until reality came




Hello Again


Hand in hand we wander

Through drifts of purple clover

Across long grasses under bud-filled gums


We soar to far-off places

Of steeples, castles, dungeons

Of pretty stained-glass windows


Amid crowds umbrella following

We see brass plaques with shine attended

Statues heralding tales re-told

Cobbled paths echo unknown steps

Ancient stories hiding truths

History in a moment lost


Seaside pauses near wind-blown palms

Cold waters around our toes

We're immersed in tropical glee


Pyramids and rivers blue

Beside foreign words and customs

Beneath the heat of our sun-filled days


Far-off lands shared in a glow

No ache or pain to claim us

Only smiles and welcome calm


As slumber leaves

This dream has brought you back to me


© Barbara Gurney


BIO: Barbara’s newest novel, The Promise, was published in March 2017. www.barbaragurney.webs.com