Shrinking Nest


The nest kept its love, tenderness, and joy, but the youngest felt it was no longer whole.

It began with the going of a grown gal and guy

who flew out to meet the world and take on their roles.


The round roost appeared more spacious, hollow, and broad, for the two oldest chicks had gone.

Being the sole chick left

felt rougher, colder, and lonelier than first thought.


The youngest buried its beak in the bottomless burrow and thunderously sang, piercing the resonant silence.

It grew to miss the lively nest

that was filled with noise and ruckus.


It knows that itÕs a cycle,

and soon enough itÕll be its time to leave.

ItÕs relishing in the warmth, softness, and comfort of the home before it goes to where itÕll spread its wings.


Once itÕs time, I can only hope to be helped by the other two, though I wonÕt hold it against them

if they leave me to figure out what to do.



A Shrouded Bloom


Tiny, yellow seeds, growing in lush greenery, will fight to go on.


All one wants is food. Widening and lengthening, a worm will shed soon.


Encaged in itself,

an adolescent transforms to cast off old skin.


Attaining beauty,

it takes flight to adulthood and new beginnings.


© Roseanne De Guzman

BIO:  Growing up with one parent working halfway across the globe, Roseanne De Guzman learned exactly how technology can connect two worlds. Though she is often found speaking Tagalog to her feisty grandmother, Roseanne can be seen tackling German with just her phone and the Duolingo app at her side. She enjoys learning about cultures different from her own, even if it means relying on subtitles to watch her favorite Korean drama and tuning into FC BarcelonaÕs latest soccer match.