(Photo of Evelyn D. Hall)




True Colors


Our lives have changed because of Covid,

Some for the good, others for the worse.

Why does it take a tragedy like this,

For ones to come together in unity and peace?


We have been asked to wear masks, social distance,

And to be more diligent in our personal hygiene.

Is that too much for us to do, in order to protect,

Our families, friends and neighbors?


Some of us make changes for, a day, a week and even months,

But go back to our true colors; of being unkind, not caring, unloving.

Are we part of the problem, or the solution?

Let’s look into our minds and hearts, take a self examination.


Death is our, Enemy. We can save lives. How?

By being obedient, following guidelines from the authorities.

Do to others, what we want others to do to us.

Do it while there is still time.

Do it...Now.






We all have choices, you and I,

One is to live, one is to die.

One is to fail, one is to try.

One is to be truthful, one is to lie.


One is to be early,

One is to be late.

One is to love,

One is to hate.


One is to be wrong,

One is to be right.

One is to be peaceable,

One is to fight.


One is to feel old,

One is to feel new.

The final choice,

Is up to you.




Mr. Right


A tall, smart and handsome man,

One is willing to understand.

Compassionate, caring, sweet and kind,

He’s somewhere out there, but hard to find.


Brave loyal, strong and bold,

He will also have a heart of Gold.

Considerate, passionate, hardly ever late,

Will be a gentleman on our first date.


Loves, family, sports and he’s funny,

Doesn’t need to have a lot of money.

Mr. Right, one day, you will see,

That you are the right one for me.


© Evelyn D. Hall


Bio:  Evelyn (Eve) D. Hall is an African American author and poet living in Florida.  She was born in Dayton, Ohio, the home of the poet, Paul L. Dunbar.  She has written over twenty books for kids and has self-published five books. She enjoys writing poetry, so most of her children's books are written in rhyme.  Her work has been featured in several magazines including, “Purpose” and “Mature Living.” She has won several writing awards and has appeared on television and radio, reading her work.  She has done several book readings & signings at libraries, bookstores and schools. She attended the Hurston/Wright Writers Workshop at Howard University. Alexs Pate, the author of “Amistad,” was her workshop leader. She also attended the Bemidji State University Writer’s Workshop in Minnesota.  One of her goals is to find a publisher who believes more diversity is needed in our children's books.  See her work at:  http://tajimag.com/sistahood-by-evelyn-d-hall/