(Photo of Evelyn D. Hall)



Body Language


I see you across the room,

your eyes are fixed right on me.

They start at the top of my head

and go down to my high-heeled shoes.

I try to concentrate on something else,

but my eyes keep returning back to you.

I become uneasy, uncomfortable,

as you begin to approach me.

You ask me for a dance, I don't hesitate,

I eagerly enter into your embrace.

Bodies attracting like a magnet,

sticking together like glue.

Your body speaks fluently, mine...




Agony, Not Ecstasy


A day has gone

A week has passed

A month will soon be over.

I can't wait too much longer.

I am getting weak at the knees

My heart is missing your love

My body is missing your touches

My lips are missing your kisses

My ego is missing your compliments

My conscience is tearing me to pieces,

So, I need to ask you something,

I need to ask you for...




So Much Hate


Daughters against mothers

Sons against fathers

Brothers against sisters

Husbands against wives.


Why so much violence?


Where is the love for one another

Where are the morals and the guidance?

Where is the unity and peace?

Where is the security and brotherhood?


Where is this nation headed?


When will we all be united as one family?

When will prejudice and racism be erased?

When will neighbor truly love neighbor?

When will Martin L. King Jr.'s dream come true?


It starts with the Golden Rule...

“Loving others as you love yourself.”


© Evelyn D. Hall


Bio:  Evelyn (Eve) D. Hall is an African American author and poet living in Florida.  She was born in Dayton, Ohio, the home of the poet, Paul L. Dunbar.  She has written over twenty books for kids and has self-published five books. She enjoys writing poetry, so most of her children's books are written in rhyme.  Her work has been featured in several magazines including, “Purpose” and “Mature Living.” She has won several writing awards and has appeared on television and radio, reading her work.

She has done several book readings & signings at libraries, bookstores and schools. She attended the Hurston/Wright Writers Workshop at Howard University. Alexs Pate, the author of “Amistad,” was her workshop leader. She also attended the Bemidji State University Writer’s Workshop in Minnesota.  One of her goals is to find a publisher who believes more diversity is needed in our children's books.  She can be reached at cagedbird2u@gmail.com.  See her work at:  http://tajimag.com/sistahood-by-evelyn-d-hall/