We arrive in the wrong order, unfathomably slick,

with high-velocity breath and a shimmering tease

of the Luminous.

A thunderous energy rocks our planet where we escape into

violets and bluebells,

the garnet juice of pomegranates painting the tree orchids

that live on air alone.

The blue-silver aurora of an abalone shell dreams lava as it cools. Azure sky, honeyed baklava. Inky bones of dinosaurs

at the La Brea Tar Pits.

Your wound is tender and coppery

like the henna tattoo of a Missoula cowgirl; let me surprise you with quick stargazer lilies and Sanskrit gazelles or (slowly) I will

kiss the blue jewel on your ankle dusted by cinnamon and saffron.

Our lotus-flower wrists listen attentively to birdsong as we become bathed in the amber light sluicing the banyan. Cream, white eyes of the gardenia, star jasmine.

Patchouli's gold aroma sprinkles raw blessings from a thousand tongues—

we live on a hilltop ripe with the rhythms of laughter and comet-tail gestures. Here, we take in telepathic sunlit pleasures, bathing

 our ebullient cheeks in sleek kinetic sounds. Oh, the beauteous sugars! Emerge! Put on your iridescent calligraphy and wave.

Gingerly, where the nectarine whirls & oscillates rippling flesh with its impelling physics. Be Hawaiian, plumeria-thick and flickering in a lush cosmos.

Transmuted paradise, translucent apple-slice mandala, emerald-skinned.

Honeysuckle gleams in the throes of calypso or jazz, lyrics caught off-guard by the sudden mosaic of a meteor shower etching wildflowers in blonde liberty.

Stars jostle shitake mushrooms where we relish the earthy expressions of lime-green parakeets.

Tangible and disheveled, we become ensconced by a sea-green sofa with an Aztec print. A refreshing spume of foam reminds us that it

behooves us to be goofy and gorgeous, uttering jagged syllables in order to mesmerize a peacock. Stunning magenta of fragrant cacti.

Jack's magic beans, the sun-crisped solitude.

Heaven's on the cusp of our non-spatially located transcendental

happiness, our pet a zany seahorse named Fred & lots of espresso.



Kallima Hamilton