Cleaning magenta-flanked fish—


Hawaiian orchids & stargazer lilies

          abalone inlay of road runner


carding alpaca wool

          slicing ginger root


sea turtles & azalea


yucca's blanched yellow, puma tracks


turquoise, flute, architecture in Mallorca


translucent dragonflies, glimpse of toucan,

          hummingbird synchronicity


we discuss French kisses & eggplant recipes

          in love's articulate language


gold threads of her sari


in Little Italy, cognac-colored bougainvillea


smell of alfalfa & mint at dusk


belly-dancers out of Denver

          low-tide, combing for shells.






Sparkles and birdsong, warm yellow  sunlight,

spices of morning,

apricots in a blown-glass bowl

your tongue

on my clavicles—

all these contribute to my transcendence—


a slow cup of cinnamon-apple tea,

aroma of unique, true being,

          beauty of hoarfrost on creek-bed cactus.


Quick weave of sequoia and stargazer lilies.


we arrive just this side of perpetual bliss.






We sip

          green pomegranate tea out on the patio.


Rhythm releases her gold fizz in my ribcage.

The sumptuous honey of desire


looks like cherry blossoms hastily put together.

Time goes by. Quickly.

Pulling slender asparagus from the creek-bank,


we begin to realize

such subtleties of solitude—


just last night we sat gazing up at Jupiter, our skins

almost levitating

limb by limb.


Following our first bliss,

we find we're dancing between memory & light.


Kallima Hamilton


Bio:  Kallima Hamilton graduated from the University of Idaho. She is the author of five chapbooks. Her work has appeared in Shenandoah and Prairie Schooner.