What if we could move without having to lose

ourselves in this violent dark loop?

I wake up every morning wishing for

a world free from fears and tears.

A world without war nor pain.

A world that keeps me sane.

Why can't you imagine a world like that?

DonÕt you wish we were born

in a place we donÕt need to burn,

trying to survive and make it out alive?

Did He truly die on the cross

for this cruel world we call society?

Where people kill others because of different deities,

and money is worth more than human lives.

If only the earth was more quiet and filled with less riots.

Why can't you imagine a world like that?

I lay every day, waiting and praying

for a place kept in peace.

Yet all I see are fires and fence wires,

while listening to all the cries, lies, and goodbyes.

Along with many others, IÕve tried to build hope and unity.

Maybe one day weÕll reach a point of purity and prosperity.

Why can't you imagine a world like that?




Life Apart


It happened nine years ago,

Though it seems like yesterday.

I remember it clearly.

It was a cold autumn day.


You told me you loved me

then left through the door.

As you got in your car and drove off,

wet tears ran down my cheek.


I knew the fun times and the games were over.

No more hugs or bedtime stories.

You tried your best to be a good dad

but somehow at the end of the day IÕd still end up sad.


When I was younger it was easier.

I was put into your arms and you held me tight.

You would never let go when I was scared at night.

But all those moments are just pale memories.


It wasn't easy but I survived

because Mom was always by my side.


© Joy Han