“Trust your inner



like dust in the wind

that blows

where no one knows,


in Kansas,

the grass is true

and, so, are you!


is a state

of heart and mind

with soul

on fire

to aspire,

despite difficulty,

to the STARS!



Farewell sailor for the night

saluted sharply.

I stood proud on the edge of the porch

as we signaled eye to eye.

Salutes would turn to hugs,

embrace, a desperate grip -

his big hands would finally pry

my little arms from round his neck.

Our "Good Byes" linked our lives,

he to farm his fields, I to school.

I grew up and disagreed

but never said:

"Don't want to plow the field,

or work with oil and gas or grease."

Then, too soon: SILENCE.

No time for "Good Bye,"

he was gone, and now I

wonder what might have been.....




Mind not right

technological news

inflamed imagination:


Techno marvels

flying unseen, spying


Drones everywhere!

Drones are watching,


Drones, drones, drones!

Can’t be escaped.

In night sky

always there,

overhead, seeing!

No, my friend,

no drone,

but planet Venus.


© Duane L. Herrmann


Bio:  Duane L. Herrmann, a reluctant carbon-based life-form, was surprised to find himself in 1951 on a farm in Kansas. He’s still trying to make sense of it but has grown fond of grass waving in the wind, trees and the enchantment of moonlight. He aspires to be a hermit, but would miss his children, grandchildren and a few friends. His work has been published in many real places and online, even some of both in languages he can’t read (English is difficult enough!). He is known to carry baby kittens in his mouth, pet snakes, and converse with owls, but is careful not to anger them! All this, despite a traumatic, abusive childhood embellished with dyslexia, ADHD (both unknown at the time), cyclothymia, and now, PTSD. He’s still learning to breathe and be human at the same time.