The Casing:


The casing in my hand

Smooth and dull

The reflection blurred

By use and time.


Marked LC76

For a 21-gun salute

A manŐs life given

To God and country.


The snow softly falls

On the desolate prairie

At a little country church

On the edge of nowhere.


His children shed tears

Of a life once lived

Now left alone

On the lifeless prairie.


I struggle through the snow

Bearing a weight

So heavy and deep

So solemn and wanting.


No life long enough

To say the things one should

Thank you I love you

The words unspoken.


The casing in my hand

Empty of meaning

The black hole in my heart

Given to me that day.


© Amy Hetland


BIO: Amy Hetland is a freelance writer who hails from the land of sky blue waters: Minnesota.  She loves to read and write, travel, and waste time surfing the net.  Amy also volunteers teaching English as a Second Language, and at an animal shelter.  Her longtime companion is a highly spoiled cat named Chocolate.