(Photo of Phil Huffy)




Archival footage from 1939--

Flushing Meadow, Trylon and Perisphere,

the imagined world of tomorrow,

steamlined, modern and clean.


Now, at her little table

I gently cut MotherÕs nails

knowing that it is the touch itself

not the trim which matters most.


They sneaked off to the City,

yet unhitched and scandalous.

Smooth skinned sweethearts, hand-in-hand

among the fedora-ed, skirted throngs.


IÕve sought old films and photos, searching.

(And technicolor newsreels, well preserved.)

Is that familiar pair among the crowd

where I can spy them, together again?


I have sometimes asked about the trip.

She said, once, they saw a robot who smoked

and bought popcorn to share while strolling.

I havenÕt mentioned my research.


      first published by Magnolia Review




Inn Closing


Another brewery down in flames

ran out, it seems, of funny names.   


They tried their best concocting puns

but used up all the easy ones.


So now theyÕll switch from brew to bread.

What clever morsels lay ahead?


       first published by Better Than Starbucks




A field hand upon

his corn husk pallet.

Legs a cruel joke,

painful reminders

of a painful past.


Slim neighbor/helper

barely strong,

lending her soul as

she can, when she can,

with leftover kindnesses.


The radio, ever on

but hardly noticed

among farming sounds:

Livestock, tractor and truck.

All dangerous things.


Dangerous things

which lurk each day

in this peaceful setting

as the field hand on his bed

knows all too well.


      first published by Eunoia




Hornet, I have not a clue

why entry into my screened lair

is what you angrily pursue

so please calm down and stay out there.


Hornet, I do not offend

and have not bothered you at all

but see you doggedly attend

to bashing through my fabric wall.


Hornet, your behaviorÕs clear

and shows a fearsome, primal streak.

But youÕre outside and IÕm in here,

so go away. Come back next week.


© Phil Huffy


Bio:  Phil Huffy had a long career not writing poetry.  Now, he thinks on his feet and writes at the kitchen table.  He is from upstate New York.  Recent placements include Grey Sparrow, Former Cactus, Better Than Starbucks and 50 Word Stories.