(Photo of Kristina Jacobs)



by Kristina Jacobs


Drawn by grace

my hand out, asking,

Why arenÕt you where you should have been?

Where you promised youÕd be?


Surrounded by people

IÕm forever alone

My heart travels far

searching, waiting


I heal those that call,

an endless service

to your humanity,

but where has my healer gone?


If IÕm lost, you are lost

Where is the hand meant to meet mine?

A puzzle, half the pieces gone


I stand, hold the door

You pass through

And when the world on 

one side ends

Where will I be then?


Am I the sacrifice?

The last to know?

What of the woman

inside the healer?

What of the call?


If I save you, 

Who saves me?

A million souls,

One cost


Worth it? 


© Kristina Jacobs


Bio:  Kristina Jacobs lives in Minnesota. Her latest poetry chapbooks are: Inside Invisible, Dawn After Dusk, Dept. 56 and Drawn by Grace.