the sweet life


…does crime pay…

take that girl over there for instance

relaxed in her world

blithely rocking back and forth

oh the sweet life…

can’t see her face but

a keen-eye tells me all is well from a sand piper's view

did she rob a bank…

blew down to the caymans’

packs a ruger lc9…oh baby

maybe she’s…

looking for a companion

someone she can share her secret with

i threw a stone her way

it kicked up a little sand by her foot

she leaned backward in her hammock

looked at me upside down

didn’t mean to startle you

now do i look alarmed

no…you look beautiful

so do you

would you like some company

i would indeed

shall i come to you

let me come to you

six feet maybe blue-green eyes elbows back

i stood

she ran at me

i stepped aside

she got tripped

went sprawling into the back of my cabana

crashing into the table and chairs

she let out a moan

i watched her many scrapes/cuts begin to bleed

she struggled to get upright

the sand ground into her wounds

her ribs began to ache

her head leaked blood from the cut


the cool night breeze lifted the flap of the cabana

rushed inside and caught the heat pockets by surprise

i nursed my budweiser and watched her breathing

her beauty was only slightly marred by all the bandages

it was almost midnight when she stirred

she had been sweating

now she trembled

i covered her with a light blanket

the doctor had given her a shot of something

she rolled over into another sleep


the smell of food woke her

a note propped up by a beer can read good morning

she blinked her eyes and sat up

exploring her bandages she noticed her bathing suit was missing

the full length mirror revealed a new tank top and shorts

what the hell where am i

a cabana had turned into a thatch hut

she opened the door stepped outside

the empty white sand beach stretched for miles

the kinda beach that says paradise

he was humming and tossing food on a barbeque

hey there you… good afternoon

where am i and where did i get these clothes

i hope they fit i just guest your size

have you kidnapped me is that it

no…no…here sit and have some food you must be starved

who…how change my clothes

well…i did but i didn’t look swear-to-god

you expect me to believe that

she began to eat voraciously

it’s the best i can do for now

besides the cops came looking for you

oh shit

yeah oh shit you should be grateful

what did they say

the detectives’ said you embezzled money from a company you worked for

i didn’t it’s complicated

well did you who’s this other guy your boyfriend


this other guy the detectives’ mention

he was…

stop lying i’m beginning to not give a shit

back on the caymans’ i though you were one of his friends

so why did you attack me

i’m a black belt you know

black belt huh that stunt was pure hollywood you silly twit

don’t i know it


they ate talked laughed got high on ganja

well you know where all that ended up


he packed his duffel

she sat on the edge of the bed in silence

i’m going to get lost

she put her clothes on

see that pontoon plane moored in the bay

i see it yes

i’m flying that baby to budapest and your welcome to come along

you would leave me here

yes and will call your boyfriend and tell him where you are

god…i hate you

ok black belt i’m out of here


she watched the plane lift off

she ran peeled off her clothes and dove into the surf

he circled and made a pass over the beach

he looked down at her nude body gliding through the clear water…

la dulce vida baby

he banked and came around

the pontoons knifed through the water

and pulled along side

she rose from the sea like a shimmering jewel

you lucky dog…




 © David Jacobs