An Abdicator's Apprehension


I'm purchasing a lawn sculpture for your mother.

That's what she said she wanted,

maybe something that chimes in the wind.

An anime echo of reoccurrence

voices in the background, hot whispers.

Something big like Godzilla

being pestered by colorful ethics

all those little campy hats.

I will do the right thing

and support the local art scene.

Discussions with a former welder are ongoing.

His attitude is openly suspicious.

"Explain what you mean by hectic relaxation?"

He promises to think things through

but may not commit as we have envisioned.

An expert at burning metal,

puckish in his incorporeality.






                      I'm bouncing a tennis ball off a wall.

                      Each time is less successful than before.

                      The accepted tendency is to move closer

                      while experimenting with head placement.

                      My legs are like sober drunks.

                      If I had some stairs I would invert them

                      dance backwards down

                      until semiconscious or both.


Colin James