you forgot the great poem in your head when you started writing
the beer spills on the carpet
it was your last beer
and you know if you try to get more you won't make it
there's nothing on the radio
and your record player is broken
there's nothing on television
you can't get reception, anyway
you forgot to pay the phone bill, but it doesn't matter
nobody calls you
and your girl left
and you can't remember why

Viva Knievel!

My son sleeping
On my chest
Another earache
I'm lying on the couch
I remember this movie
Evel playing Evel,
I remember the Evel Knievel story with George Hamilton
Playing the wild jumper
I remember the crash in Vegas and the Snake Canyon fiasco
Gene Kelly and Red Buttons are arguing
The sound is low my eyes almost closed
Why are Gene and Red in this movie, I guess they needed
The money
The things people will do for money
I remember I had an Evel Knievel motorcycle and doll
I would make him jump and he always crashed
When I was a kid I rode and jumped and crashed my bike
Before fields turned into apartments and shopping centers
Evel is talking to Lauren Hutton
The things people will do for money
Two more hours and I have to get ready for work

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