everything jumbled
in my head
turning & churning
looking for a loophole

hole in my head
head in the clouds
clouds of smoke
smoke in my eyes

i ask for answers
a rulebook, some guidelines
but i'm told i must
figure it out for myself

me, myself, & irene
irene looks for her heart
heart broken in pieces
pieces trampled under foot

it's not really my heart
that is broken
it's my spirit
broken, lost, cold

cold words piercing
piercing, penetrating, probing
probing persistent problems
problems never die

how do you leave
the past in the past
i don't know how to forget
teach me how to move on

on death's bed
bed of roses
roses are red
red is the color of my blanket

it will lazily drip
sweet, stinging, slow excitement
scarlet blanket
suffocating life

life takes a backseat
backseat pressure
pressure inside my head
head buried in the sand

© Jewess