Airport Answer

Bradley knew the island held all the information he needed. If there was an answer he’d find it there. He couldn’t let anyone know what he was doing. They would all just try to stop him. He wanted to do this on his own to prove a point. This was his chance to show his family that he could accomplish what he set his mind to. He would prove he was better than Joshua. Since he was a child, he always lived in his brother’s shadow. He hated his brother. He was the reason for his sadness and anger. No one ever paid attention to Bradley. It was always Joshua did this and Joshua did that. This made him feel like he wasn’t worth anything. He wanted to show the world he was capable of finding paradise on his own. He didn’t need anybody else. This was finally his chance to do so. He packed his bags and headed to the airport.

Breathing in the pollution of the airport, he came to a realization. He hadn’t eaten and he didn’t have much money to spend. He was conflicted. If he started spending money now he wasn’t sure if he’d have enough to spend on the island. He hadn’t thought this trip through, at least not money-wise.  Bradley’s stomach growled. He was going to have to eat or he’d get nauseous on the plane. Bradley settled on buying an overpriced sandwich. He went back to eat it at the waiting area. Bradley’s thoughts wandered. He was curious as to how long it would take for anyone to notice he was gone.

“Is anyone sitting here?” A voice interrupted Bradley’s thoughts.

A pretty young woman was standing in front of him. Bradley looked around. Every seat in the waiting area was occupied. Bradley shook his head. The young woman sat down next to him and pulled out a magazine. After a few minutes she turned to Bradley.

“So what are you getting away from?”

“Excuse me?” Bradley asked startled.

“You’re flying out to an island alone. You must be getting away from something. So what is it? What are you escaping from?”

Oddly enough Bradley spilled his guts to the young woman. He couldn't stop himself the minute he started talking.

“The island will provide the answers to everything,” Bradley finished. It was now that he noticed the woman was also alone.

“I also hope to find answers,” the woman said with sadness in her voice. She looked away. Bradley gently touched her hand. He couldn’t find the perfect comforting words.

“Maybe we can find them together.”

The woman smiled. She knew there was something special about this young man. He was lost just like her and looking for his place in the world.

Bradley suddenly realized he hadn’t introduced himself. “My name is Bradley by the way.”

“I’m Ella,” the woman said.

“Well Ella it looks like we were put in each other’s paths for a reason. Maybe we’re each other’s answers,” Bradley joked.

 Ella laughed and returned to her magazine. Bradley’s hand was still on Ella’s. Neither of them seemed to mind. In fact it seemed to bring them comfort knowing there was someone else there. Bradley’s mission to prove himself and find answers had led him to finding all he was looking for before he even left the airport. 

© Gisela Jimenez