We Kill Till ItŐs Quiet

(Death of Usama)



We Cheered

Because you were not borne one of us.

And Danced 

When ideologies carved out your death.


Mothers cheered

As Children's charred bodies fell against the mangled zero street.

Mothers danced

When your bloody left eye silenced your terror speech


And there was no more noise when the gunfire ceased.


We kill till it's quiet

kill till there's peace

Wondering why the bullets

have silenced the trees


Fathers cheered

because daughters had husbands with no hands

Fathers danced

when angry prayers

drove peace into the face of a sinking man

dropped in the ocean 

Sinners sinking sin.


We kill till its quiet

kill till there's peace

wondering why the bullets have silenced the trees


So what have we asked for?

What do we seek?

What is the outcome of our political speech?


Where is the war?

Who's the enemy?

When the palm branch lay broken

in our drive for the me?


Will we kill till it's quiet

Kill till there's peace

kill till the bullets 

have silenced our trees


© Andrea L. Jones


Bio: Andrea Jones is an educator, public speaker, leadership trainer, and freelance writer. She spent twelve years studying and teaching in the U.K. where she gained her MFA at the University of Wales Lampeter. She is the grand prize winner of 2012 OCCWF with her first novel, "The Peace Child," which is currently working toward publication. You can find more of her writing at her blog, Writenowcountsforever.com, www.nab.net/flourish, theinfluencenetwork.com and Writersdigest.com. When she is not mud running, chasing her two active girls, teaching or writing, Andrea enjoys meeting with and encouraging other women in their creativity and unique influence through writing. Follow her on Twitter @AndreaFurrong.