O my Lord,

Please shed your blessings as I embark on my future

Help me combat the darkness and sadness in my life

I pray to remove hatred from my mind


O my Lord,

Guide me to be kind, I want peace of  mind

Bless me to be happy during my painful phases

I pray you to remove fears from my heart


O my Lord,

Show me the path where I can serve

May my purpose enrich many lives

Give me strength to handle the rugged roads


O my lord,

Bestow me with patience to unravel the puzzles

I seek your guidance to overcome frustration

Give me courage to solve all the problems



                                                           2. CONSCIOUSNESS


Consciousness is nothing but it is

the quality of an individual’s



God sends us sunrise every morning

and flowers in spring.


The situation attracts fortune or

 misfortune finally, to materialise.


Consciousness is everything what

we experience in our life.


If our mind is pre-occupied elsewhere,

                                      we feel unfocused and distracted.


Through prayer, we will get

bliss when our conscience awakens

with realization.


Consciousness refers to our thoughts,

feelings, sensation and environment,

but experiences are generally changing.



                                                            3. AWARENESS


Calmness is the absence of violence, 

nervousness, or excitement. 


The inner awareness becomes thoughts,

 and without awareness, there would

be no sensitiveness of mind.


I love simple pleasures of my life, as

my mind is like a female crane.


If you feel a boundary of happiness, 

you will not feel loneliness. 


You will create a good culture 

to understand future.


You should not spend your entire life 

imprisoned in the shackles of

what people say and think. 


Inner peace and security stems from

a calm mind. Attaining happiness

in life is not impossible




                                                            4. THE KEY SATISFACTION


King Yayati, an ancestor of the Pandavas,

indulged in a lot of physical pleasure

throughout his life.


When he started ageing, he performed

severe penance to redeem his youth.


He was then given a boon to exchange his

old age with anyone, who was willing

to gift him their youth.


He asked his son Puru, who willingly

granted his father’s wish and King

Yayati regained his youth.


He went on to enjoy physical pleasures

for thousands of years, but yet, he still

craved for more pleasure. 


It finally occurred to him that there is

no end to physical pleasure.


He returned Puru his youth and told him

to overcome, i.e. conquer physical desires.


The key to satisfaction is to rise over and

above these desires, something

which often escapes us.



                                     5. THE MUSIC OF HYMN


It was in the evening…

as the sky faded into white

and the temple was shining

in the dwindling sunlight.


Everything seemed to dazzle

in layers of white embracing

the green gardens.


The cows were grazing dreamily

on the bank of river and a calf

looked curiously around

the cow.


The birds were returning to their

nests and the moon shone down…

a glorious white in the dark sky.


The sound of conch from shrine

created a delightful environment

in the evening.


Devotees from various places

arrived in temple premises

and sat to worship Devi-Ma.


The music of hymn was loud

and the devotees were clapping

while singing evening songs,

spreading serenity all around…

by putting their faith in divinity.



© Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar


Biography: Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar is an octogenarian. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assam), he joined the Indian Air Force. During his stay at an Air Force unit in Barrackpore, West Bengal, he had a chance to pursue higher studies as a private candidate from the University of Calcutta in 1970. He spent his tenure with the Indian Air Force, travelling widely about India and various countries like Singapore, Dubai, the UK and the USA. He started writing about his vision of mystical life in various articles and stories in English after interacting with people and sharing their experiences.


His Published books are: 1. Deserted Birds (New Delhi publisher-2017), 2. Bliss in Island Life (cyberwit.net 2017), 3, A Blossomed Flower (BlueRose 2016), 4. Illusion of Friendship (BlueRose 2016), 5. Focus on Illusory Gossip (BlueRose 2016), 6. Bliss in Dream (cyberwit.net 2017), 7. A Bunch of Flowers (cyberwit.net 2017), 8. A garden of Sweet smelling Flowers (BlueRose 2016), 9.General Knowledge (BlueRose 2016). 10. The drops of dew (Partridge India 2015), 11. The Pair of Pigeon (Quills Ink 2014) and 12. Bliss of Emigrational life (Dasgupta & Company 2004).  Five of his poems were published in Sethu Bilingual Journal, Pittsburgh-America in July 2020 and two poems were published in the ‘ENTWINED’ book of Savant Poetry Anthology, Honolulu, America in the year 2019.