After the storm has passed

The rain that removes the dust and grime

also falls on this poor swallowtail butterfly 

resplendent in gauzy blue, green and black.

Weary after its long journey, it rests on the bark

too tired to care

as each drop, a seeming downpour,

steadily washes away its colors

one stroke at a time.

Dripping unseen, uncared for

down to the muddy ground

the colors of life wash awayÉ


A painting in reverse



On assessing the qualities of three different hearts



Waxy heart

Melts with one hot, searing glance



Flesh and blood heart

Hemorrhages and festers and can be scarred with a sharp syllable



Granite heart

Shatters into a thousand tiny fragments with one strong blow


Conclusion: So is it better to have no heart at all?


© Nivedita Karthik


Bio:  Nivedita Karthik is a graduate in Immunology from the University of Oxford and a professional Bharatanatyam dancer. She loves writing poems and stories and has been previously published in Glomag and The Society of Classical Poets.