saint schizophrenia


our modern arrangement

can't hold you

Holy One


jabbering to the Others

inventing scenarios

no one else can see


we don't have a place for you


Seer of Delphi


you are disdained

at best pitied

there's no place for you here

and your messages are scrambled


long ago, i imagine

you were the Sacred One

Shaman of the Clan

interpreting the Words of Nature

Channeling the Presence of Spirits


but no more can you connect the tribe

to the Other World

or act on your bestowed gifts

this world is too busy for that


the voices are confused

meanings misinterpreted

only the manufactured pills

can halt the lost Emissary

screaming in your ear

drugs fade and mutate the truth

turned to hideous lies


important never

to miss your Dose

Swallow your Stop

put your calling behind you


there is no place for it here






this is the way life is


with its boxes and swirls


appearing as snares, suction cups and mazes


they are everywhere


you step into them everyday


get boxed in


circle around and around


then trip into a dead end


before you see clearly, after so many lifetimes


that the boxes are windows


the swirls are clouds to carry you away


the rubikÕs cubes are your own lethal thoughts


so i lie down to think


i am awake but i do not participate


i recline quietly as


ancient labyrinths order my hair


secret mazes mark my body


sacred swirls coil my mind


cyclones siphon my drops


i shut my drain pipes


to all that is going on


like music in the background


and fall into myself


into my infinity


spiral like a snake where gaia meets the cosmos


let the energy flow


fly above where the patterns take helix shape


until i am free of the circling thoughts


material traps


and can wrap my being around


the divine pattern


of all that there is



© Maurine Killough


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