While YouÕve Time to See

Be easy                                                                                         

While youÕre still

A girl

Before youÕve need

Of business

Cards, suits, and daycares

Before your days

Have a profit quota

Be easy

Smile when you can


As you like,

Climb to

Your intrigueÕs heights


Into the calm currents

Swim in your worldÕs

Wild waters

And fear none

Of this ride

You are given


With your youth

For while you are young

And have time

To see

 Learn all the world

All it can be



She burned bright                                                

All through the day

Eyes on the coming

 Gave herself away

Gave herself to find the future

She so longed to see

And as she dwindled

 towards the eve

To my home sheÕd come

To feed on me




Last of the Mystics, Part I



Broke down







Come by

When he likes

Stop in

He donÕt mind


Got all the time

In all the world

When you got

nothing at all


Though you Travel light

Your heavy head

Weighs you down

Bound instead

Instead of singing

Time spent crying

Never catch him

Too good at lying


Roadside evening

Seems alright

Come near love

LetÕs find light


She came round

Lost as could be

In the night sheÕd found

She could not see

What fates would deliver

This womanÕs delight

At finding a someone

Who lived in the night


A dark dreaming pilgrim

Away, out on his own

Just to rest easy

HeÕd never known

Wildfire brain burning

Thunderstorms in his soul

Heavy head always pouring

He never ever lets go


HeÕs been into the jungle

Been to the ruins

Knows the desert well

And keeps kisses etched

In the walls he erected

To keep his soul from daylight

To keep it safe

Of those lands heÕd found


To keep it safe

From the weathering

And the wanting


© Tyler L. King