Beside the Beautiful
                                                                                      “My work is done.  Why wait?”
                                                                                         -George Eastman
Twenty years ago, when I first read
these last words of George Eastman,
I was repulsed.  What a tawdry, venal,
materialistic view of life!
Today, I must agree:
any life properly lived is
a life properly ended.
My past three visits to Chinese
 restaurants have yielded the
identical fortune:
“Good to begin well.  Better
to end well.”
If ever was the time
for a graceful crossing,
it is now.
Thanksgiving but days away,
it is a perfectly delicious day.
A pristine turquoise sky.
A balmy seventy degrees.
This will be not a suicide,
but a celebration
of the soul’s immortality.
A Lilac Wind
Her memory
my name.
I listen.
I wonder.
I smile.
Discovering Grace
The faces
of God
are revealed
in dreams.
They are
almost invisible,
like rainbows
on a cloudless day.
Praying Like Mencius
His prayers
vanish instantly.
Leaving no clues
as to dreams or desires,
no traces of attachment,
no evidence of being.
© David Kowalczyk