All is quiet at the island dock.

Overcast day.  I remove

my sunglasses as a jet drifts

away in the clouds.  Glassware clangs

while being loaded into a black pickup.

Occasionally a car brought here

by the day, passes

or a golf cart rented by a tourist.

There is birdsong in the air. 

Here time moves like cold molasses.

I watch the locals.

A woman in frayed jeans

and flannel shirt is selling coffee.

Strong looking men

paint the bottom

of  a fishing boat.

I can never find the courage

to give everything up, 

live on the island,

grow a long beard,

speak to very few. 

This daydream persists

as I look out

at the calm water of the harbor.


© Ed Krizek


Bio:  Ed Krizek holds a BA and MS from University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA and MPH from Columbia University.  He has published over seventy articles, poems and short stories in various publications, and won prizes in several poetry and short story competitions.  EdŐs latest publications are available on Amazon.