The Blind Date

            Claire liked new challenges. They were always fun and interesting. However, this particular challenge crossed the line. Her older sister had challenged her to go on a blind date. Despite how batty this was, she didn’t want to back down from this challenge, especially since it was from her older sister. Claire always saw herself as an eye-catcher, so she thought this would be a piece of cake.

            Now she was stuck in an Applebee’s restaurant, waiting for her blind date to arrive. To make matters worse, all of her friends came to watch her. At first she thought that bringing them along would be a great idea. They could have been a great moral support, but right now they were gossiping and giggling at her. Claire glared at them from the table she was sitting at. She hated it when other people gossiped about her, but she didn’t need her friends’ moral support. She had something that was much better: psychic powers. She could predict when someone was about to leave the room if they were walking towards the exit. She could predict when someone was about to sneeze if they covered their mouth. She could predict where the waiters were going if they were headed towards the kitchen. She would use her psychic powers to guide her through this blind date. Right now she predicted they would fall in love, marry each other years later, and live happily ever after.

            While she was waiting, Claire was using her psychic powers to predict the future. When she saw the door open, she predicted someone was about to enter the store. Sure enough, a handsome young man wearing a suit and tie walked in. He looked around the store, and when he saw Claire, he began to make his way towards her. Claire’s psychic powers were telling her that this was her blind date. As the young man came closer, she stood up to introduce herself.

“Hi! My name is Claire,” she said enthusiastically. “You must be my blind date.”

The young man frowned and replied, “What blind date?”

Claire’s enthusiasm turned into confusion, “You know...the blind date. The one with me at this Applebee’s restaurant. Isn’t that why you’re all dressed up?”

The young man sounded annoyed when he spoke, “No. I’m here to talk with my clients. I’m a lawyer for goodness sake.”

            The lawyer pushed Claire aside and walked to another table in the back of the restaurant. Claire slowly sat back down and tried to comprehend what had just happened. Her psychic powers had told her that man was the blind date she had been waiting for. But were her psychic powers wrong? Were her predictions mistaken? Where was her real blind date?

            While Claire was lost in thought, the rest of her friends were trying not to laugh at her. They thought they had just witnessed her blind date straight up reject her. One of Claire’s friends, Iris, left the group and walked towards Claire.

            Iris sat in front of Claire and tried to comfort her, “You know, guys can be jerks  sometimes. That guy isn’t cute anyways. We should just leave. It’s not like you were serious about this blind date, right?”

            Claire just glared at Iris. She wanted to tell her that he wasn’t her blind date and that he was just a rude lawyer, but she wasn’t in a very good mood anymore. Without saying a word, she stood up and walked towards the exit. She didn’t want to be a part of this nonsense. She was going to go back home and do something productive, like figure out what was wrong with her psychic powers. As she was rushing out the door, she bumped into someone. She backed up and saw she had bumped into another handsome young man wearing a suit and tie.

            Claire rudely blurted, “What are you supposed to be? Another lawyer?”

            The young man frowned and replied, “Lawyer? What? I’m here for a blind date.”

© Nicolas Kumkom