For this moment you may perch in


your ivory tower and cast disdainful

glances on the common folk

in the town of straw.


For this moment you

may rest your head

on the cloud of clouds

as you wonder, in amazement,

how you found the marble statue

of David in your backyard.


But during the night the

putrid gutter ooze

will seep

into your proclaimed purity

and taint it

with the truth.


And, for once, you will realize

that your tower will crumble

and your flowers will wilt

and your gold will vanish

as your kingdom inevitably 


underneath the weight of your pride.


You will realize,

if only for that moment,

that your summer sun will set,

and the joys of the moment

will not satiate the 

wants of the past.


Keith LaFountaine


Bio: Keith LaFountaine is a 23-year-old writer and filmmaker. He is currently in the process of finding representation for his debut novel.