Flavor of Last Month


she beams on her path down the runway

she preens on the magazine cover

they say that her novelty’s faded

and toss her out back, in the alley

to join all the puppies and kittens

who outgrew their saleable cuteness




If It Bleeds


The unemployment rate went up today

Bump it

We’re allotting fifteen minutes to the freeway crash

The news one sees is not the news one reads

It leads

If it bleeds


The latest round of peace talks went astray

Dump it

Gory visuals drive up our ratings—that means cash

Our medium has a special set of needs

It leads

If it bleeds


Bill Henderson


traffic speeds along

the information superhighway

old man on the shoulder shouts




An Encouraging Thought


Depressed by failure? Think of this instead:

He who dies with the most toys is still dead.



© Robert Laughlin


BIO:  Robert Laughlin lives in Chico, California. He has published 100 short stories, 200 poems and one novel, Vow of Silence. His website is at www.pw.org/content/robert_laughlin.